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Cincinnati Ice — the Pure Choice for Cocktails

If you enjoy drinking your liquor with specialty ice, then you probably care about the quality.

Rock On Ice has a large selection of custom cocktail ice that is clear, purified, and 100% "Food Grade Certified" (Frozen Food License by the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture).

Many different intensive and laborious processes go into certifying a product is food grade. We took these steps to deliver our customers the highest quality product that can be produced.

Our ice products are organic, meaning we do not freeze in anything unhealthy, such as plastics. Our product is pure, clear, and absolutely beautiful! Not to mention, completely recyclable.

cincinnati ohio cocktail ice Reds Bengals

rock on ice cocktail ice frozen food license

Companies who go the extra mile to put customers first create products that have the highest standards—that's Rock On Ice!

Our Cocktail Ice making process has been carefully crafted and produced to perfection.

Elevate your bar or restaurant drink menu to the next level and serve your customers the best ice in town!

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