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Rock On Ice has been providing some of the most innovative, large scale ice sculpting demonstrations in Ohio. We can give your city or town an economic boost and provide a fun, exciting event that adults and children of all ages can enjoy!

Our menu of ice displays are basically endless, with interactive ice games, ice photo opportunities, sculptures featuring your business logo, and more—our winter events are in high demand as we are the only company providing this type of winter entertainment.

Ice Throne

We love a good ice throne!

Business Logo

Get your business logo sculpted in ice.

Ice Sculpting Demonstration

Wow the crowd with ice!

Ice Photo Frame

Make your event interactive.

Interactive Ice Display

So cute!

Ice Sculpting

All the action of a live demonstration!

Ice photo opportunity

Get your pic in a customized ice display.

Ice Games

Ice Air Hockey

All Videos

All Videos

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an economic boost to your city or town

City Walk lines the streets of your main block with amazing ice sculptures featuring business logos. Place them outside your storefront and attract customers for more foot traffic and increased sales.



This is just a small sample of what Rock On Ice can offer you for a winter event or festival for your city or town. Contact us today to get a customized list of the ice products we can provide. We can travel to any city in Ohio, Southern/Central Michigan, and Indiana.

Contact our Sales Director Jon Maggard at or 614-270-5447


Ice Games

Interactive Ice Games is becoming one of our most popular requests for winter entertainment.

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