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Ice Bars and Ice Luges

Make your event a unique and memorable experience for your guests! We recommend serving your liquor over an Ice Bar, or through an Ice Luge or Beverage Tower.


Ice Bars

There is nothing more exciting than walking up to an ice bar and feeling the chill of the bar under your glass! All of our ice bars can be customized with an ice luge, or bottle holder. Add your company logo for a corporate event.



The Ice Luge, one of our most popular sellers, 
is designed to run liquor directly on the ice as well as chill it. The Tube Luge works great for incorporating designs such as logos or 3D sculptures and is our longest lasting design, however it does not chill the liquor.


Beverage Tower

Available in 1 or 3 gallons, encases your beverage 
of choice in ice. This is a self-serving unit with a spigot.


Bottle Display

Don’t settle for a typical beverage display – get creative and chill your bottles on ice! We can customize any sculpture to fit your needs.

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