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A Magical Wedding on a Hillside

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

A gravel road leading up to a rustic farmhouse on a hill. The perfect setting for a black tie wedding event. Dinner, dancing, and glowing ice sculptures filled the room. Flowers were used on the guests' tables, but the star of the evening was the ice (and the Bride, of course!).

This "Mr. & Mrs." ice sculpture was the centerpiece for the buffet table. As the sun started to set, the rays shown through the windows and lit the ice in a magnificent show.

wedding ice sculptures cincinnati

Sometimes when you are looking for a unique accent to set your wedding apart, an ice sculpture can be just what you need. The stunning bride complimented the ice so beautifully.

Not only did this wedding feature an ice sculpture in the dining area, they also had an ice luge. Make that a double!

custom ice luge columbus ohio

This sculpture featured two tube channels for twice the fun. Ice Luges are simple. The bartender pours your drink of choice down the channel, which comes out of the end, into your glass. Luges can be any design, this one had the couple's first letter of their last name. The "K" sculpture was placed in the bar area, so you couldn't miss it when ordering your drinks.

Finally, let's not forget the cocktail ice. You might think ice is the last item you need to worry about — but it can be an unsuspecting surprise in your glass. Regular ice melts faster and dilutes your drink—who would want that?

This custom cocktail ice also featured the "K" and is cubed to fit perfectly. A gorgeous piece of ice to fancy up your cup.

wedding custom cocktail ice cincinnati

In the end, your wedding should be filled with wonderful memories of family, friends, fun, drinking, and dancing. One of those memories will be the ice—it's a wonderful compliment to any event that no one will forget!

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