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Let Rock On Ice take care of all your bagged ice needs to keep you cool for your events and parties!

With a small minimum order, we are always ready. Whether it is a wedding, block party, corporate outing, or ice emergency, let us supply the Ice for all your events!

Need cooler or Keg ice? Call about our 20-pound bags of non-potable keg ice.

Larger chunks, not for drinking!


Don’t have a place to store it? We also have freezers to rent. We will bring the freezer to you full of ice and ready to go. All you need is an electric outlet or a generator to ensure that your ice is the coldest in town! Don’t have a generator? We have that too!! Running low? Just call us for a refill when you need more.

Freezer rental (holds 50 bags) - 50 bag minimum
With Generator - One tank of fuel included.

Serving all of OH, KY, WV, & IN
Call to order: 614-449-8770 or 614-270-5447

All orders subject to delivery charge of $.75 per mile from nearest Rock On Ice location and 3% office processing fee. Freezer rental will also incur a pickup charge of $.75 per mile from nearest Rock On Ice location.

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