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Corporate Logos

Ice Sculptures are a great way to display your corporate logo and provide a way to impress your guests and leave a lasting impression.

• Enhance ice luges, ice bars, and ice sculptures with a logo.
• Add height to your logo with elaborate bases.
• Display your logo in full color for an additional fee
• Add logos to Fruit and Pumpkin sculptures as well.

Email us and we can create a few design ideas using your corporate logo.  

Logos in Classic White.  We use snow to create a white contrast against the clear ice. The nice thing about classic white is that you can add colored lighting or morphing lights and the snow white look will absorb the color of the light.


We can add color to your logo by inserting colored paper, sand or paint.  The color style may depend on your logos color scheme.  If you choose to have color in your logo we recommend white lighting.

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