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Food Art

We can create any custom food art sculpture based on your budget.

Food art demonstrations are a great way to keep your crowd entertained. We can carve large food art displays over a couple of hours. We will also interact with the crowd and answer questions. We specialize in fruit and veggie carving, cheese carving, pumpkin carving, bread sculptures and toast art.

If you are looking for even more types of food art, check out The Food Artist Group, created by Food Network star, James Parker - and now being owned and managed by Greg Butauski. It is a large group of artists from all over the U.S. that creates amazing Food Art for many different kinds of events using all different kinds of food. We have fruit and veggie carving, pumpkin carving, cheese carving, cake art, pasta art, candy sculptures, and more! Many of the sculptures created on this page are part of this group.

For more information on The Food Artist Group, check out and view many more extraordinary works of art in food!

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