Pumpkin Carving

The latest craze for fall festivals and special events is pumpkin carving! We can carve small and large scale demonstrations at festivals or special events creating custom works of art.


We provide pumpkin carvings, pumpkin carving demonstrations, and pumpkin carving classes for all of Ohio.  In addition we are able to travel to any state and create a pumpkin carving display for your event.  


Single Pumpkins: available for pick up only
(no delivery available)

• 3D pumpkin carving

• Custom logo reproduction


Pumpkin Displays with set up and delivery 
(not demonstrating on site)

• Minimum of 3 pumpkin displays will include set up and    delivery prices start at $375 and $.50 per mile delivery one way.

• Design concepts may include logos with 3D style pumpkins


Demonstration Display & Entertainment 
(demos may include both 3D and logo style pumpkins)

• Standard pumpkin demo packages are priced
by how many pumpkins we carve for each display.

• Larger pumpkin demonstration displays are available, customized pricing.


Pumpkin Carving Festivals

Multiple artists creating masterpieces on site and may
include pumpkins carved for store fronts.

Available for single day or multiple days of entertainment.


Pumpkin carving competitions

We bring in Master, Professional, and Amateur carvers
from all over the United States to compete for a large prize purse. This format includes demonstration displays in addition to the competition.