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Rock On Ice can provide ice sculptures for all your special events, including major sports events, galas, corporate events, television/commercial spots, gaming activities, and more. Ice sculptures on a larger scale will enhance your event and give your guests something to interact with and talk about long after the event ends.

Taylor Swift concert - Eras Tour in Cincinnati!

Ice sculpture of Grammy award for Taylor Swift Eras concert in Cincinnati.
Ice sculpture for Taylor Swift Eras tour concert in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Taylor Swift Eras tour concert Cincinnati, OH ice photo frame sculpture.
Greg Butauski carving ice in Fairbanks, Alaska for Coors Light commercial

Greg Butauski was contacted by the History Channel to carve ice in Fairbanks, Alaska. The commercial was for the show Ice Road Truckers and Coors Light.

One of our most memorable events came when College GameDay called us to create a pumpkin carving head of Brutus Buckeye. Lee Corso put on the pumpkin head when he made his OSU pick over Penn State! Click the play button to the left to view the video.

Pumpkin Carving for ESPN College Gameday

The 2017 White House Halloween event. We carved pumpkins of Presidents' faces and famous monuments.

Wood Carving for Wheel of Pain
Wood Carving for Arnold Classic
Wood Carving Rock On Ice

We had the opportunity to work on a truly amazing project with Rouge Fitness for the Arnold Classic!  The wood pieces were carved over a two week period by Jon Michaels, and were added to the 20,000lb "Wheel of Pain" - designed and built from scratch by Rouge Fitness. 


Check out the video!

Cincinnati Reds Opening Day 2023

Columbus Blue Jackets digital holiday card

Rock On Ice was contacted to help the Columbus Blue Jackets with their digital holiday card. We spent a day working with Post House Creative carving the Blue Jackets logo. A lot of work goes into creating just over a minute video!


Watch the video here.

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