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School Demonstrations

Rock On Ice can provide schools with fun, educational, interactive activities. We visited General Rosecrans Elementary on two separate occasions for interactive demonstrations: soap carving a turkey, and building an ice castle wall.

For “Pioneer Days” we used about 80 bar soaps to create this turkey carved from soap. Master carver, Greg Butauski, pre-carved the head and body. Bars of soap were carved into feathers by the students, and then were secured in place with toothpicks. The students were very excited to get to participate in this fun, hands-on activity!

Soap carving preparation

Greg sculpted the body of the turkey from a 5lb. block of soap.

Soap Carving School Demonstration Teaching the Class How to Carve

Students in groups of 8 were taught how to sculpt feathers from a bar of soap.

Soap Carving Demonstration Adding Feathers

As they completed the feathers, Greg added them to the turkey with toothpicks.

Soap Carving Adding Feathers with Toothpicks

Each child was able to see where their feather was placed on the turkey. This was a great activity in which the whole 2nd  grade class contributed.

Turkey Soap Carving Completed

The completed turkey. The feedback from students was overwhelming – they commented that this was their favorite of all the activities that day!

For a different event at the school, we came in to build an ice castle wall. Ice blocks were pre-carved and brought in for the students.


Students stack the ice blocks to build up the wall.


The ice blocks are held together by fusion. The wall grows taller as each student gets to place their block. How cool! 


Greg adds some finishing touches to the wall. This is a great interactive activity for a small space such as an individual classroom.

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