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Rock On Ice Rockin’ the Fall Festival

It’s that time, our favorite time of year…Fall! Our team of master pumpkin carvers will create some of the most amazing pumpkins and displays you will ever see! There is no limit to the imagination of our artists.

During September and October we will will be busy carving pumpkins at zoos, Halloween events, schools, libraries, community festivals, and more.

Check out our love for pumpkins…


We will travel. This display was carved for a zoo in Wisconsin. And, yes, the giraffe is all pumpkin – one 400 pound pumpkin! We call this a Masterpiece display.


Our standard pumpkin demonstration consists of 6 or 8 carved pumpkins. The fun part about these displays is that while our artists are carving we will talk to patrons and answer questions, so it is a great way for inquiring minds to learn more about pumpkin carving. Engaging with the audience is what it’s all about!


Lighted displays are always a big hit. This owl themed display was a crowd favorite at an event in Michigan.


Some of our carvers take a fun approach to their displays. These pumpkins had a little too much to drink at Hops!


And last, but not least, the 3D carved pumpkin. This viking was carved out of a 1,033 pound pumpkin…we call them “big boys.”


In addition to displays, we also teach classes. This was for a local library. It’s a great way for amateur carvers to pick up some tips to take their pumpkin carving to the next level.

Happy pumpkin carving!

Check out more pumpkin carving.

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