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Best of October Pumpkin Carving

October was crazy busy for Rock On Ice with pumpkin carving and pumpkin carving demonstrations.

Rock On Ice traveled all across Ohio and even outside Ohio to bring pumpkins to life! We carved pumpkins as small as 20 lbs. to over 1,000 lbs. In all, we carved over 400 pumpkins in October. We carved pumpkins for Fall Festivals, Zoo’s, Corporate Events, and Trick-or-Treat events.

Here are some of our favorite pumpkin pics from this Fall…enjoy!


“Haunted House” carved by Greg Butauski. 5 pumpkin masterpiece display.


“Da Bomb Squad” carved by Titus Arensberg. 3 pumpkin demonstration display.


11 pumpkin demonstration display carved by Rock On Ice crew and led by Trent Mason.


“Vulture” carved by Jon Michaels. 3 pumpkin masterpiece display.


“T-Rex” carved by Greg Butauski, Titus Arensberg, and Dean Murray. 15 pumpkin masterpiece display.


“Windmill” carved by Titus Arensberg. 5 pumpkin masterpiece display. This was a working windmill.


“Spooktacular” carved by Dean Murray, Greg Butauski, and Titus Arensberg. 32 pumpkin masterpiece display.

Warrior Pumpkin Carving

“Viking Warrior” carved by Jon Michaels surrounded by the Rock On Ice crew. 800 – 1,000 lb. giant pumpkin.

Humpty Dumpty Pumpkin Carving

“Humpty Dumpty” carved by Shannon Gerasimchik. 350 lb. competition masterpiece display.

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